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The hydraulic electromagnet is an apparatus for ferrous material handling, in particular for ferrous scrap handling oriented toward material recycling. The hydraulic electromagnet is designed for installation, as accessory part, on machines equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic circuit, for example: excavators, machines with hydraulic crane and so on. The hydraulic electromagnet has built in controls and it draws excitement by activating the hydraulic flow in the excavator’s hydraulic circuit with which it is linked (ex: foot pedal or push-button of the hydraulic hammer). The condition of “magnetization” or “demagnetization” of the electromagnet is exclusively the result of the oil-pressure circulation or the lack of circulation in the operating machine. This magnet operates without necessity of connection to other accessory sources of energy (ex: electric energy from electro-generator, etc.).

The versatility of the hydraulic electromagnet make it compatible with the majority of machines so it can be used on almost any excavator in yard without the need of additional electrical wiring.                               


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Magnets for sweeping corridors of chips, screws etc. (eg fences for scrap), the ZANETTI company.
Magnets "cleaners" of the Italian company BUTTI ..
MINELLI scrap lifting magnets, magnetic separators for metal, drum magnets. The scrap lifting magnets come with a generator placed on the machine. We offer solutions for recycling centers, factorys or scrap yards. The magnets remove fragments come with a generator mounted on the machine. we offer solutions for the recycling centers, factories or demolition.






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