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Lifting magnets and electromagnets for scrap. Zanetti Magneti: specialization and impeccable quality for 100% Italian products

Zanetti Magneti is specialized in the design and production of magnets and electromagnets for scrap. These are 100% Italian products, made completely within the company and, because it is highly specialized in this sector, Zanetti is able to guarantee impeccable quality.  

The magnets and scrap magnets are designed for lifting scrap metal destined for recycling. In fact, they are made for moving ferrous material within a building or job site. They may be subdivided into the following categories:

  • Hydraulic circular
  • Circular
  • With battery

Circular electromagnetsThe company also has electro-magnets of varying sizes, from 650 mm to 2000 mm, with a maximum weight of 10 tons.

The company’s production is concentrated on magnets for lifting scrap metals that are powered by a generator or electronic network, but also includes a wide range of:

  • Electromagnetic plates for lifting with autonomous hydraulic circulation
  • Battery-powered electromagnetic plates
  • Dynamo generators
  • Generators with brushless alternator and permanent magnets

Zanetti is a dynamic company characterized by great operational flexibility. Founded in 1985, it has some thirty years’ experience in the field of construction and installation of electromagnets for scrap lifting.  

Hydraulic circular electromagnets

These are designed for installation, as an accessory element, on machines equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic circuit such as, for example, excavators and machines with hydraulic cranes.

They are manual and the “magnetization” or “demagnetization” is activated exclusively by means of the hydraulic circulation of the operating machines, without the need for electrical energy from a generator or other source. The electromagnets are activated due to their direct connection with the hydraulic system of the excavator or bulldozer.

This characteristic makes them compatible with the majority of excavators and other construction machines on the market.  

Circular electromagnets

These are magnets used for moving ferromagnetic materials: they are powered by main voltage via a power rectifier when installed on a bridge crane or fixed crane, or by diesel-dynamo groups or hydraulic generators if attached to excavators, loaders, truck cranes, etc.

Electromagnets with battery

The electromagnets with battery magnetize ferrous materials and scrap by means of the electrical energy from the batteries (from 12 to 24V) of the excavator, loader, or truck on which they are installed. This exploitation simplifies their installation by avoiding the need for modifications to the machine’s hydraulic circuit for the eventual installation of a generator to power the magnets.
These function well with sheet metal and turning.





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